High Heels are a Girl’s Best Friend (and Worst Enemy)

For the Sex and the City obsessed ladies out there—remember Carrie’s shoe closet? Of course you do. We all do, because ever since we laid eyes on that sacred space, we’ve not-so-secretly aspired to a shoe collection even half as good as hers. I mean, part of the reason you want to become a successful lawyer is so you can afford to live in a big enough home where your rockin’ future shoe collection will have their very own space, maybe even their own bathroom. These are your babies. You want the best for them.

I had a woman once tell me that the reason we are crazy about shoes is because they’re the only items in our closet that don’t have to change over time. I had never thought about it up until that point, but it’s so true. Weight gain, weight loss, and even the changing climate in fashion don’t necessarily determine the shoes in your closet. You’ll be a size 8 today, tomorrow, and 20 years down the line. And those Manolo Blahniks are timeless, baby. They’re not going anywhere. (Definitive proof: They were around during Sex and the City days, and today, they’re being honored at New York Fashion Week. A good investment, indeed.)

I suppose the real question is—why are we obsessed with high heels?

Okay, so we look amazing in heels. That much is true. Adding the extra few inches of height never hurt anyone. Well, actually, it did hurt someone. It hurt you. Really badly. Your feet are killing you.

Picture this (or don’t because it’ll feel all too real): Your friend is hosting her birthday party in a swanky little club in the Meatpacking District. You take this opportunity to don your new LBD, and you decide to spice it up with a pair of Chanel pumps on which you just spent three months’ worth of paychecks. You look at yourself in the mirror just before leaving the house and you think, damn girl, you is fiiiiiiiine. Eating nothing but dollar pizza for several months was so worth it for those Chanel shoes. They can make anything look fly. You are officially ready to paint the town red.

Fast forward five hours: you’re a little tipsy (okay, you’re drunk, not classy) and you’re stumbling all over the cobblestones in Meatpacking. Damn you, cobblestones! Not made for heels at all. You are pretty sure you might break an ankle tonight. You may have already broken an ankle, actually. There are also band-aids all over your feet from the blisters the shoes have been giving you all night. They’re not your typical pair of dancing shoes. Ugh! Was the purchase worth it? You’re in so much pain! How did your life get to this point?

You finally get home and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror as you stumble towards your room. You’re not standing straight anymore, your makeup is running, your feet look a bit mangled from the torture they’ve endured all night. But you think to yourself, damn girl, you is fiiiiiiiine. Seeing your perfect shoes from an outsider’s perspective is all the validation you need to absolve yourself of all doubt. These shoes are perfect. You are already prepared to paint the town red again the following night.

High heels are our best friend and our worst enemy. Much like dessert, we can’t live with them and we can’t live without them. It’s a complicated relationship, but we’ll never let them go.

What’s your relationship with high heels? Let us know in the poll below. Happy fashion week!

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