Model Gigi Hadid Stands Up Against Body Shamers

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It’s fashion week season and supermodel Gigi Hadid is doing a lot more than walking the runway.  The swimsuit model took to Instagram to confront body-shamers that have been critiquing her body for failing to resemble the look of the other models she shares the runway with.  The apparent “issue” – too curvy for the industry: “Yes I have boobs, I have abs, I have a butt, I have thighs, but I’m not asking for special treatment.  I’m fitting into the sample sizes.  Your mean comments don’t make me want to change my body…”

By the sound of it, it seems like Hadid possesses the body of a woman.  Now why is that a problem for a female-identifying model?  It shouldn’t be, that’s for sure.

Now if we’re body-shaming Gigi Hadid then we are completely stumped.  What in the world are women and femmes supposed to look like then?  It seems like no matter what we look like, it’s never ideal.

Well f*ck that.  The Fem League does not condone body-shaming of any kind and no matter what size you naturally are, you are exquisite ladies.  Gigi Hadid just made it into our favorites list.

Gigi Hadid turned to Instagram in order to address this issue and use social media as a means to spread positivity and productive conversation, rather than its unfortunate, common use to spew hate.  Hadid is honest and admits that the anonymous critique does wound her, but nevertheless, she refuses to sink to that level and instead encourages us all to center our conversations around things we actually enjoy, rather than conversations created with a sole purpose to bring others down.  In the meantime, Hadid is still going to rock the runway and appear on magazine covers so the haters should stop wasting their time and pursue their own passions.

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Bravo, Gigi Hadid.  You are a woman truly in a league of your own.  Lets follow your lead and directly address these sensitive issues and refuse to let the haters drag us down.