A Quick Rundown of the Kardashian/Jenner Internet Takeover

Ah, okay, so now I see why the Kardashian/Jenner sisters have been working especially hard in the past year to develop their individuality… at least from what we can see on social media.

Kim, Khloe, Kylie, and Kendall have all launched their very own websites and apps. Sounds fun, right? Who wouldn’t want to get the inside scoop on Khloe’s workout regimen, Kylie’s makeup routine, Kendall’s fashion week, or Kim’s tips on styling a toddler?

Well, the inside scoop comes at a price, of course. A membership that provides exclusive access on these websites and apps will run you $2.99/month each. So, if you want to get full access to all of the sisters’ sites, you’ll have start saving up now and add it to your monthly expenses alongside rent, bills, and food. Priorities, right?

I’ve taken the time to peruse each site to get an idea of what they’re all about. Here are my thoughts.

Kim Kardashian – kimkardashianwest.com

Kim’s welcome video opens with “Hey guys, it’s Kim.” No kidding! I thought I was on Betty White’s website when I typed “kimkardashianwest.com” into the toolbar. Photos of Kim and her opulent lifestyle flash before me as she clearly reads a script about how thrilled she is to share her already all-too-public life with us. For the record, if I didn’t understand English, I wouldn’t be able to sense even an ounce of excitement in her voice. Oh, I also can’t forget to point out how Kim’s website has a section called “Get North’s Look: NYC Edge”. Is it just me or is there something a little Toddlers and Tiaras about that? I think she should rename that section: “How to Make Your Child a Stylish Accessory”. Other than that, the site kind of bores me. Nothing I haven’t seen before. Yawn.

Kylie Jenner – thekyliejenner.com

Next, we have Kylie’s website. She plays the raunchy, sexy jailbait-just-turned-legal-yesterday sister. The background of her site is a black and white photo of her face mid-orgasm, and the cover photo of her welcome video highlights her tush in a netted underwear. Sounds about right for an 18-year-old who just graduated from high school a few weeks ago. Her monotone welcome message sounds a little more excited than Kim’s, but that’s probably because this is Kylie’s first real solo project. Her video tells us that, even more so than Kim’s site, we can expect all-things-Kylie, from her glam routine, to her favorite clothing, to her adventures. Just below her welcome message, you can find another video titled “My Sexy 18th Birthday Look”. The video is five minutes long and features a monotone woman explaining how to overdo makeup on a young girl’s face, while Kylie struggles to text on her iPhone because her nails are 3 inches long. Keep in mind that Malala Yousafzai just turned 18 as well, only a month prior to Kylie. That is all.

Kendall Jenner – kendallj.com

Now here’s a site/app I’m actually a little bit tempted to sign up for. Kendall has been keeping it low key on social media compared to the rest of her sisters, and rightfully so—I had little idea what to expect from her website. From what I can tell her in welcome video, she sounds genuinely happy to share her life with us. We see quick footage of her showing off her closet, participating in fashion week, and just generally living the life of a model. She doesn’t make me feel like I’m watching child porn like I did on Kylie’s site. Kendall is clearly the sweeter, more reserved, and age appropriate Jenner sister. I dig it.

Khloe Kardashian – khloewithak.com

Okay, so maybe I’ll dish out $2.99 a month for exclusive access to this site. Khloe is by far my favorite of the clan—her quick wit and sometimes vulgar humor make her unbelievably entertaining to watch. Unlike the rest of her sisters, Khloe takes a little bit of the focus away from herself and puts it towards creating content that we, the viewers, can actually use. In addition to behind-the-scenes footage of Khloe’s life, you can look forward to fitness tips, advice on home décor, and of course, beauty guidance. And to be honest, I wouldn’t mind watching videos solely following Khloe’s life, anyway. The woman is so damn funny, I’d just consider it comedy.

My findings from the little bit of research I did on each Kardashian/Jenner’s website is that authenticity drew me in most. When I felt the content was contrived or trying too hard, I didn’t care for it, but when I felt that the site was genuine, I was considering spending that $2.99/month for more. Kendall and Khloe, I’d say that you two have this website thing down. Kim and Kylie, you ladies shouldn’t feel as though the only way to draw us in is with content exclusively about yourselves, your boobs, or your butts. Perhaps if you let us in on your passions, your interests, or things that excite you, we’ll be more willing to drop by your page.

If you’re just dying to know what each lady’s exclusive content includes, Refinery29 did the dirty work and signed up for each website to give you the rundown. Check it out here.