Why Hipster Barbie’s Instagram is Our New Fave

Haaaaaaaaaave you met Socality Barbie?  The Barbie of our generation who is, yes, super hipster, super Instagram obsessed, and super “authentic?”  Well, if you haven’t, we suggest you check her out – on Instagram, of course.

Created by a wedding photographer from Portland who chooses to remain anonymous, Socality Barbie is an Instagram persona who was made in response to our Instagram culture today.  This Barbie, unlike her blonde, Malibu cousin, is brunette, outdoorsy, and prides herself on “authenticity” as she spends her day-to-day setting up perfect images of her life on her Instagram account and writing inspirational quotes.  Her purpose is to mock Instagram users, a.k.a. all of us, and she’s doing an amazing job.  The account currently has 600 thousand followers and is met with laughter.

Check out our five favorite posts on the account.  We’ll bet you that they probably look familiar to your Instagram feed.