Ashley Madison Data Breach—Is Your Email Address Part of the Leak?

Two companies under the umbrella of Avid Life Media—Ashley Madison and Established Men—have fallen victim to a hacking scandal that led to their users’ information, both past and present, to be posted on the web.

Ashley Madison is a website used by married men and women seeking to cheat on their significant others, while Established Men is a website that partners young attractive women with wealthy older men, essentially acting as a sugar daddy dating service.

While the data breach has been proven to be reliable in many ways, it also contains information that isn’t accurate. According to Farai Chideya, a young unmarried American woman, her email address was used by a man living in South Africa to create an Ashley Madison account. Now, her email address is listed along with millions of others in the recent data leak, making her seem as though she was a member of the online cheating community.

This leak is especially damaging to many people not only because it has the potential to dissolve a number of marriages, but also because friends, family, and even employers now have access to very personal details about people that may not even be true. The leak includes information about users’ full names, usernames, birthdays, addresses, details about credit card transactions, and maybe even sexual preferences.

You can find out whether your email address is listed in the data leak here and here.