International Day of The Girl

The theme for this past Sunday’s International Day of the Girl was “The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030.” The idea behind the theme is that the goals we create now to better the lives and education of adolescent girls will lead to a safer and more sustainable world by the time girls born today reach their adolescence. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) set by the United Nations, local governments and civil society organizations aim to break cycles of poverty, sexual violence, illiteracy and more. Now that the holiday has passed, the question is: What can we do to foster as much change as possible by the 2030 deadline?

The key to keeping the current momentum is by continuing to support and discuss girl’s rights and education. When we think of women who are in need of a healthy, secure and educated life, we tend to think about third world countries with higher percentages of people who don’t have such a life. Yet these issues exist around as well and take the form of rape culture, body shaming, poverty and many more. Just like what we do here at The Fem League, utilizing social media platforms is a great way to insure that the issues both on the international and home front stay relevant. You can refer to our article about the #62milliongirls movement where we have even compiled ideas on how to take action and get involved in your own community.