This Group of Moms Think the New Muppets Show is Perverted

Pro-family group One Million Moms is petitioning to prevent The new Muppets show from airing its premiere on ABC.  The group is warning mommies and daddies everywhere that this television show is nothing like its predecessor, the old The Muppets, which first aired in the 1970s.  The difference between the two?  Well, for one the target audience.

Unlike the original Muppets, the new Muppets is not a kid-friendly show. Rather, the ABC show targets adults.  It has sex, it has nudity, it has drugs, and it has some commentary about social issues today that are inherently controversial.

The only real similarity between these two shows is the cast, but be warned – this is not the Kermit the Frog and the crew of puppets that we are accustomed to.  Our puppet celebrities are getting raunchy and doing so without shame.

The Muppets has been filmed in a mockumentary-style that has been successful in comedy favorites such as The Office and Parks and Recreation.  There will be quick-zoom reaction shots and character confessions addressed directly to the camera that will quickly introduce us to this new side of the puppets.

One thing that concerns the One Million Moms organization is that the new Muppets draws its characters – and thus the history of its characters – from the kid-friendly old version of The Muppets, which they argue is deceptive to parents and their children about what kind of television show the new ABC version is.  One Million Moms strongly disapproves of the new character developments among the cast. For example, Ms. Piggy reveals to be a pro-choice feminist in support of abortion and sexual-freedom – and the relationship developments between both puppets and human lovers.  The organization fears that a relationship between puppets and humans will promote that kind of love in real life.

So does this show deserve to be off-air?  Mmmmm…nah.

While the concern is understandable – the show that many of these same parents associate with their childhood is no longer innocent and educational. Those against the new television show can simply use a parental lock on their cable and go on with their days.

Ironically, this petition has only increased awareness and promotion of the controversial show.

There’s a new kind of Muppets in town and they’re all grown-up.  And honestly, some of us grown-ups are anticipating to see the premiere tonight.