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What #TheEmptyChair Urges us to Tell Our Daughters

Dear Daughters,

It may not seem like it, but there will always be an empty chair for you to use as your throne. It may seem as though the seats are occupied by other bodies, bodies that have denied you, taken from you, silenced you, but there is a seat for you and the seat has always been designated to you.

You see, the world has failed you. It has made you think that your words are weak, that your songs are unheard, that your pain is silenced.

But you are the loudest symphony we hear.

The world has been wrong. Your truth is our truth and that is exactly what we are afraid of confronting.

And so, instead of giving you your seat, we have let our aggressors sit there in place of you. We have let them claim their territory and add on to the list of daughters we have failed. We have done anything but support and fight for you.

Well no more.

That seat is your throne. It. Is. Yours.

And when you are ready, it will be waiting for you to sit on it.

The back of the chair screams for you to relax onto its structure and release the strict pain that burrows into your shoulders.

And you will find power in that chair.

You see, it has been built by the ones who have heard you, who once were never heard. They are the ones that have lived your reality and understand how difficult it is to heal. They have constructed and shaped this chair out of truth, out of pain, out of disappointment, out of love, out of sympathy, out of empathy, out of strength, out of vulnerability…out of pure survival.

And the chair stands proudly for you so you can finally sit down.

To our daughters. We hear you.

To our daughters. We should have listened and believed when we saw you bite your lip to hold back your tears.

To our daughters. We are sorry we hurt you and we are sorry our apology is not enough.

To our daughters. We are working on making sure we never have to write a letter like this again. And so we vow to not only protect you, but to make sure you know you are heard and you are a truth.

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