I’m Sleeping With My Boss and He’s Married

Okay, I get it. It’s about the thrill, isn’t it? I mean he’s the embodiment of unavailable and you have him, all to yourself. Well, kind of.

I’m going to assume he’s an older gentleman – the kind of man that you can’t detect a single flaw because you’re blinded by his allure and charm. You have to hold back your hand from grazing his chiseled face when he sends you disapproving looks in the office so no one detects what’s going on. You love that he’s a man and nothing like those boys you regret dating on Tinder. Your boss has perfectly tailored designer suits, the confidence of three men in one, and he’s a go-getter. He does what he wants and he wants you.

I get it.

You love the sneaking around. It’s a secret that only you two share and a world no one else has access to. You’ve never felt more alive. You guys go at it everywhere – in the copy room, the board meeting room, on his desk, on your desk, on your annoying co-worker’s desk who steals your lunch sometimes and lies about it, you name it. You look forward to staying after the workday to go over…”notes.”

Things were going well, weren’t they? I mean, before the holidays. Your parents were in town and you wanted to tell them how happy you were, how much you love your job, and how they have to meet him. But he’s away in Tahoe with his wife and kids. He hasn’t responded to your text message in two days. You’re starting to get jealous. You think it’s impossible that he’s having more fun over there than with you, yet you’re in bed alone catching up on work.

You fight the urge to call him for almost the entire day but then you go out drinking with the girls and make a drunk text that evolves into a call you make from a dimly lit bathroom stall. It goes straight to voicemail. Ouch. You leave a message pleading for him to come back – you promise you’ll make it worth his while. He doesn’t call back. You leave another voicemail. This time a little less comprehensible but unmistakably aggressive. You’re crying and your girlfriends think you’ve had too much to drink – you have – and take you home.

You don’t hear back from him the entire vacation and now you have a terrible pit in your stomach. You have work tomorrow morning.

You head straight to your desk and try to distract yourself with paperwork. You try not to peak across the room and into his office to see if you can spot him through the glass. You see movement. He’s there. He didn’t tell you. You’re embarrassed.

You make up an excuse to go over – you’re not sure if he wants this document stapled or not – you could’ve thought of a better excuse but you’re desperate.

You enter and he stares at you blankly. He spits out an unenthusiastic monologue about how he was so busy and was going to call you back. He pats you on the shoulder and awkwardly waits for you to leave and continue your work.

You head back to your desk and try to finish the day. You can’t bare it and you leave. As you pass by, his wife walks by you and gives you the dirtiest look. She knows.

You feel cheated and used, and wish you could have taken it all back.

This was supposed to be fun, right? A thrill. But it hurts and you can’t do your job, you can’t look at yourself, and you’re afraid of what’s to come.

Well here is the great news.

That was just a scenario. You can avoid all that.

There’s a man out there for you that can commit to you and only you and show you what love really feels like.

There’s a man out there for you that isn’t willing to belittle women.

There’s a man out there for you that won’t make you want to hurt other women.

There’s a man out there for you.