How The Fem League is supporting The World Bank Group to revolutionize Global Health Leadership.

Revolutionizing Global Health Leadership

The Global Financing Facility (GFF), an arm of The World Bank, has a bold goal that The Fem League is greatly committed to: 

Save 5 million lives by 2025 and 18 million lives by 2030.

To do this the GFF is revolutionizing the global health financing landscape by implementing a focus on leadership at a national level, directing financing and resources accordingly. To reach this aim the GFF partnered with The Fem League to bring the Greater Leaders Program® to healthcare leaders. The Greater Leaders Program® is The Fem Leagues flagship program. After a successful pilot partnership in 2021 as part of an existing leadership program The Greater Leaders Program was launched during 2022. The program reaches public and political leaders across 30 countries, building out the leadership capacity and network of the leaders through a tailored education program, digital and in-person community spaces, executive leadership advisory and coaching. The programming is focused on the issues, opportunities, personal and professional challenges that unite the senior leaders from across the globe.

“In my career, I came across many programs, organizations and initiatives around the world, genuinely seeking to enhance the leadership potential of individuals they target. Over more than 20 years in this field though, I have encountered only rare examples of truly transformative processes, oriented towards profound reflexivity and generative learning loops. Processes where notions and perceptions of power, identity, care, inner-self, connectedness, regeneration and humanity are explored and leveraged alongside with known, mainstreamed technical leadership skills. The Greater Leader Program, by The Fem League, is one of those rare finds. I feel privileged in the opportunity to partner with The Fem League through this program. It has been – keeps being – a humbling experience to me, as I believe it is an extraordinary transformational experience for all women participating in it.”

Luis Castanheira Pinto,

Senior Knowledge & Learning Officer 
at The World Bank

Building the leadership capacity and addressing the needs of leaders in the program, stretching from Ministers of health to senior Economists, is really about providing reflexivity, tools and systems by which leaders can stay mission focused and self-fulfilled, against a backdrop of unpredictable national and global health emergencies. Whilst also taking into consideration the fact that they have a team to structure and mobilise, in order to deliver on their objectives. Leaders do understand what it is they are working towards as individuals and institutional managers, so the point of departure for the program is helping leaders to understand how they can position themselves to better deliver on their goals, taking into account operational, organisational and personal constraints. The program is designed to foster deep community and network development as a path to building greater leaders together.

Participants that have participated in the program have remarked that:

Hema Nair – Certified Knowledge Manager

“The leader that I am becoming is the one who believes in her potential and is not shy to speak her mind, one who listens for deeper understanding and is grateful for her ecosystem. With the FemLeague I realise the power of intentions and celebrations, and what we celebrate grows”.


H.E. Lia Tadesse – Minister of Health Ethiopia

“It was a wonderful opportunity to network with many great women leaders in this program, and the leader that I am becoming is a leader who knows how to balance my role as a leader with my role as a mum and wife. My personal life, including my health and my role in inspiring and intentionally cultivating other leaders. “


Marion Cross – Senior World Bank Economist

“The leader that I am becoming is a leader that tries to use her voice more strategically. What I realised through this training is that becoming a leader is a true journey by itself, and its not only about becoming a leader to become a better manager at work, but it is truly a journey towards which I am hoping to become a better person, with positive externality at work, but perhaps more importantly on family and my broader environment. I highly recommend this program, it has been a wonderful journey and experience.”

Since its launch in 2019 the Global Financing Facility (GFF), as an arm of The World Bank Group, has revolutionised, the global health financing landscape, implementing a concept that places country leadership and direction at the centre of its finance and resource mobilisation strategy, with the ultimate target of reducing infant mortality to 70 lives / 100,000 live births by 2030 (1). The GFF’s overarching aims are to save 5 million lives by 2025, and 18 million lives by 2030.

This is attached to a fundraising target of $2.5 billion from 2021 – 2025. Fundraising targets are specifically targeted at ensuring that 56 million additional women are able to secure access to skilled birth attendants, 458 million additional children receive access to oral rehydration treatment for diarrhoea, and 25 million additional women gain access to modern methods of contraception.


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