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Linnea Claeson: ‘They call me a rainbow warrior’ Part I

Spotting Linnea Claeson across a crowded auditorium isn’t exactly difficult. Her rainbow hair, pastel blue faux fur coat and holographic bag stand out in a sea of black and grey. She’s the personification of …
By yomi
April 5, 2018

The Fem League features: Kat Walmsley

Kat Walmsley, a.k.a. @happyhumanclub_ is a collage and mixed media artist who enjoys, ‘cheese, pop, and GIFs’. Her work gleefully references the retro sides of the internet; combining quotes written using Microsoft Word art; …
By ovidiu
March 24, 2018

The Fem League is a global culture design and community building firm that creates inclusive cultures and communities where everyone thrives.

We leverage our proprietary framework Cultural Curiosity, community building and self-leadership programs to support organizations, communities and individuals to design intentional cultures.