Cultural Curiosity is a framework that supports organisations to overcome complex strategic and cultural obstacles, to realize your collective vision and growth. 

The Fem League curates transformational communities that harness collective intelligence and amplify practices to transform mindsets and behaviours. 

We believe that social transformation starts with the individual. By changing practices on an individual level, we have the opportunity to broaden and build upon best practices at a community level, and up to a societal level.

Specifically, we take participants through our Cultural Curiosity curriculum to give them exposure to tools and resources they can apply immediately. Tools include deconstructing unconscious bias, transforming complaints into powerful requests, harnessing non-violent communication, exploring power theories, and articulating the values that support cultural cohesion. 

We work with institutions, organisations and corporations committed to overcoming social and cultural challenges. The Cultural Curiosity curriculum introduces leaders and individuals to a suite of interdisciplinary tools and insights that create a paradigm shift, resulting in effective collaboration, increased performance, innovative problem-solving, and sustainable growth.

Leading with questions, we take people through a dynamic, creative, and unique process to: 

  • Identify the challenge
  • Identify cultural stakeholders
  • Refine the challenge
  • Curate communities that transform mindset and behaviours
  • Harness intelligence
  • Provide strategy, tactics, advice, and recommendations

Analysing and understanding the beliefs and behaviours that need to change - and committing to a concrete timeline for the change - is essential to meeting the hyper-growth challenge, and sustaining the growth. 

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