How to Use Instagram to Cultivate Your Self Power

By yomi
May 20, 2018
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Mindlessly scrolling through aspirational images that only seem to make us feel worse about ourselves isn’t a great recipe for our self-esteem. While we can’t recommend unfollowing social media accounts that make you feel bad about yourself enough, we also can’t see a future where we quit social media entirely.

Instead of going completely cold turkey on social media, we recommend filling your feed with posts from these six feminist Instagram accounts. Inspiring, thought-provoking and real; these Instagram accounts will leave you feeling uplifted rather than deflated as well as inspired to build your power-filled future.




Follow: to up your intersectional feminism game.

Currently completing a PhD in Contemporary Feminist Culture, researcher, writer and curator Maggie Matic shares her academic research on her Instagram account @maggiematic. Scroll through to find recommendations for books on gender theory, contemporary feminism and zine culture as well as bite-sized reviews from Maggie herself.

We particularly loved her review of ‘Gut Flora’, a compilation of artwork and features from the first nine issues of ‘Chapess’ zine by Synchronise Witches Press. Maggie is keen to make her research accessible to all and many of the journals or articles she references can be found in a GoogleDrive linked in her bio.



"My keloid scars developed after I had severe acne on my face, back and chest. I was prescribed tablets to clear the acne but unfortunately they turned some acne spots into keloids. Since the age of 13 I've had multiple injections and I’m now going through surgery to try and flatten the scars on my face even though keloids are known to grow back. Keloids itch and burn and cause pain on a daily basis. . . They've stopped me from living my life, wearing certain clothing and caused anxiety and depression. Sometimes people don't realise how scars/skin condition can ruin an individuals mental health. . . From the nasty comments I have received, I have now realised life's too short to care what people think. I am starting to try love my skin and to believe I am unique. This is the beginning of my journey to become free from negativity and to regain a positive mind set." -@biancahoneybeex for @sophiemayanne's ongoing #behindthescars series. #girlgaze

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Multi-media company and creative agency girl gaze’s Instagram account is a one-stop shop for images of incredible women. The Glossy nominated agency’s account features shots from their campaigns with Monki, Google and Shinola. The account also showcases the work of female photographers we can’t help but ‘like’.

We loved Girlgaze’s post on #behindthescars, a project by photographer Sophie Mayanne that aims, ‘to give ordinary people a platform to embrace their bodies, their scars and the amazing stories behind them.’ For Girlgaze, showcasing the work of up and coming as well as seasoned female photographers is paramount. ‘If more women create the images we see, a more balanced perspective of the world is seen.’




Follow: to understand that it wasn't your fault and that you are loved.

The 100 Women I Know project came about when filmmaker Phoebe Montague asked 100 women about their experiences of sexual assault and violence. The documentary and book that followed featured excerpts of responses from survivors and in doing so, sparked conversations about how, as a society, we talk about sexual violence.

The project’s Instagram account builds on the work of the book and film with posts advocating self-love, sex positivity and raising awareness of what constitutes consent. In particular, we loved 100 Women I Know’s collaboration with illustrator Alice Skinner. The post features Alice’s beautiful illustration of a ‘primer on consent’ that’s also included in the last pages of the 100 Women I Know book.




Follow: to hear real talk from real women.

Gurls Talk, founded by TIME next-gen leader, model and activist Adwoa Aboah started life on Instagram as a ‘safe space for girls to share and listen without any stigma.’ While the online platform’s remit has grown to include IRL events and workshops the @gurlstalk Instagram account is still vital to the movement. It remains a place for women and girls to contribute to themed monthly conversations on issues such as mental health, sex, role models and more besides.

We particularly love Gurls Talk’s live streams which, in the past, have featured sex worker and educator Tilly Lawless, clothing and accessories designer Melody Eshani and Dr Lauren Hazzouri, Licensed Psychologist and founder of a project that aims to destigmatize women’s mental health.


The Fem League and Gurls Talk take on advancing women.



Tees are back in stock! 📷 from @crystal__alexis #fanfeature

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You may have spotted design initiative all_womankind’s signature bold pink and red posters all over your Pinterest feed. As you’d expect, their own Instagram feed is equally eye-catching.

The @all_womankind account features dreamy shots of their, now iconic, posters as well as their feminist pins, patches, t-shirts even temporary tattoos. We especially love the posts featuring rad women rocking their all_womankind t-shirts! Even better, the sales of all_womankind products go to organisations campaigning for women's rights and equality.



We’re constantly arguing whether women can or can’t have it all when it comes to their career and their family. Knowing she wanted to be a mother in the future, Sadie Catt couldn’t fathom managing the logistics of being a photographer while maintaining a stable home life. Searching for an answer she started reaching out to mothers who do just that. This sparked Sadie Catt's 'Mothers in Photography' series which is a meaningful reflection on work and motherhood. For the full story and interview head on over to The Fem League website (link in bio)! Also be sure to check out some of her amazing work at or her Instagram @sadiecatt ❤ #thefemleague #powerfilled #motherhoodphotography #motherhoodunplugged #worklifebalance #workingmomlife #workingmommy #womenoftheworld #workingmomproblems #womanpower #womanowned #femalephotographers #beingamom #womensupportwomen #womenatwork #powerfulwomen #womenempowerwomen #careerwomen

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We can’t feature our favourite feminist Instagram accounts without mentioning @thefemleague! Follow our account to get content designed to help you live your most power-filled life - first. Scroll to find interviews with women artists, activists and photographers as well as original fiction and poetry by incredible women writers.

If you’re stuck in a rut, check out our quotes column. A selection of curated wisdom from inspiration women including Winnie Mandela, Audre Lorde and The Fem League’s founder: Yomi Abiola.


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