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By yomi
March 8, 2018
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I've been enveloped by wisdom and it has allowed me to hold women and the seasons we navigate with depth and reverence. In the Yoruba tradition, the heritage I hold, we are taught that we have three phases in life -- morning, afternoon and evening. Our Morning phase or season is our early life. Our afternoon phase or season, our mid-life and our evening phase marks later life.

As women, we pass through so many journeys and I have come to believe that each journey denotes a season. Through each season there is cultivation that takes place. There is fruit to harvest, there are leaves to prune, there are seeds to sow and there is soil to till. Each action prepares us for our next season. Each action comes with its own challenges and lessons, each action is unique to the individual and the season we are in.

I decided to name this re-launch edition "Seasons" for a number of reasons. The overarching reason is that we as women have jointly entered a new season. A season where we declare that time is up and lift our heads beyond imposed shame and say me too. I have entered a season of renewed commitment where I urge every woman that meets a new woman to ask the question what are you committed to? in place of what do you do? Because It is our commitment that will support us in realising a vision and a world where we as women can stand in the fullness of our power, in partnership with men. I embrace this current season that is a bridge as I walk from maiden to mother. I have never held women and their capacity to birth in its rightful place. Although not a journey for all of us, the challenges have opened empathy, ferocity, miracles, and magic within me. I am grateful to every single woman that makes the Fem League's journey possible and worthwhile.

May your evening be greater than your morning and afternoon.


Yomi Abiola is an international model, journalist, social entrepreneur and founder of The Fem League



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