The end of the year

By ovidiu
March 7, 2018
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This poem is about the realisation that a friendship is a due closure, whether it’s to create a more positive environment for yourself, or whether it’s just the passing of time. The imagery is deeply rooted in the natural transition from winter to spring, referring to personal growth and maturity. I feel as if the movement to adulthood comes with the personal permission to understand when you’re ready to opt out of something, and I was thinking about that as I wrote this piece.


The end of the year


my leaves crumple

and coil inside their structure  


it is time to wither, she says


i do not stop her


for i have withered time and time again, my sunshine stifled with the memory of hurt


i am now dust, she says


and the memory of her seeps through heavy skin


and i think that it might be okay to drift for a little


to allow space and stretch


to compose my selfish nature and take back my feelings


so one day


as the ground blooms


and as the girl blooms

i can say goodbye



Kat Albiston is a poet and writer.



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